Vision & Values

At Bowdon Preparatory School, our vision is to develop the skills which foster growth and empower our girls to believe in themselves and to persevere and succeed in all that they do.


We aim to:

  • Monitor, support and nurture the welfare of each individual
  • Ensure pupils of all abilities achieve intellectual growth and academic success
  • Discover and develop the potential of each pupil through engagement in sport, performance and drama
  • Develop each pupil’s identity through their relationships within the Bowdon community and develop the potential of each pupil through the challenging co-curriculum
  • Ensure effective leadership, governance and management of the school and that the financial position of the school is strong



A BPS girl believes she can, and that she will. She is empowered with buckets of self-belief and feels she can take on the world. She is proud of her individual traits and celebrates each one, using them to feed her passion in life.


A BPS girl doesn’t give up, she persists and she has grit. She tries her best. She isn’t afraid to make mistakes, but instead, learns from them. She takes responsibility for her learning and is working towards shaping her own future.


A BPS girl aims high and gives her best. She is proud of her work and achieves excellence. She is forward thinking and outward looking. She is curious and loves to contribute.


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