Vision & Values

Our Mission

  • Provide outstanding breadth of opportunities and experiences that inspire, captivate and empower pupils to embrace learning and strive to achieve their personal best.
  • Support our pupils in building emotional, social and physical well-being to enable them to delight in the wonders that lie ahead, be valued as role models and be well equipped as contributors of the future.

Our Vision

At Bowdon Preparatory School, our vision is to be recognised as a leading Prep school for girls, providing unforgettable learning experiences which inspire our girls to believe in themselves and to persevere and succeed in all that they do.

Each pupil can give you a real, personal example of how they live our school motto each day – believe, persevere, succeed – it is embedded deep within our school culture. This is truly what makes Bowdon Prep so unique.

At BPS we pride ourselves on the diverse and inclusive community we have developed by living our motto day in and day out. We tell the girls to “Be Bowdon” which means “Be You” as we truly value and celebrate individual identity, character and qualities.

Our Values

Care for all

We create and nurture an environment of trust and openness, where everyone feels secure, respected and valued

Commitment to excellence

We challenge ourselves in the pursuit of excellence across all areas of school life

Working together

We foster positive and respectful relationships which are based on compassion, kindness and integrity


“Pupils develop a strong sense of community at the school and feel that it’s one big family. As a result, there is seamless mutual respect between pupils of all cultures and backgrounds and between pupils and staff.” – ISI report Nov 2022

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