Pre-Prep: Year 1

By Year 1, the girls are confident and familiar with their surroundings and are aware that they have made huge strides in their progress since starting school. We acknowledge that the move from Early Years into Year 1 can feel like a big change for the girls. With that in mind, in the first half-term, we return to the Early Years playground and the girls will continue to have access to Early Years resources. By doing this, we feel as though it makes the transition as smooth as possible. Year 1 follow a topic-based curriculum throughout the year. The six topics covered are: It’s Good to Be Me; A Blast from the Past; What Lies Beneath; Treetop Explorers; A Good Read; and Fly Away with Me. These topics cover a broad range of skills and knowledge and include a variety of teaching styles and interactive lessons to continually peak the girls’ interest and provide a creative learning environment.

The girls spend much of their day with their class teachers who teach the core subjects and the majority of foundation subjects. Subject specialist teachers take lessons such as drama, music, French and PE using the fantastic facilities we are fortunate to have.

This will also be the first year that they have new, exciting opportunities such as the ability to join the school council. They will also experience their first step in exploring lunchtime and after school clubs. The girls will have access to 2-3 clubs to choose from during lunch and multiple after school clubs that cover a range of topics from Design & Technology to music to a variety of sports.

To find out more about Year 1 or to arrange a school visit, please contact Mrs Sharkey, our Admissions Officer, or Mrs Makepeace-Taylor, Head of Lower School, on 0161 928 0678 or email

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