Our Reception pupils are given the freedom in which to grow, learn and play. We provide a wide range of activities to motivate and inspire them in both our spacious indoor and outdoor learning areas. Our inviting classrooms are bright, airy, engaging and decorated with the girls’ work, celebrating their successes and reflecting the diversity within the broad and balanced curriculum. In reception we continue with a half termly topic focus, to continually peak the girls’ interests and expand the breadth of topics we are able to teach. Our team ensures that the Reception curriculum also incorporates learning outside the classroom, to provide unique and exciting learning experiences for the girls.

Our passionate and experienced team recognise that every girl is unique. Staff have excellent knowledge of child pedagogy and our high adult to child ratio ensures that each girl’s experience is tailored to their own learning needs and next steps. They work hard to build a trusting relationship with each child, which enables the girls to socialise, build confidence and embrace school life. Through a breadth of opportunities, our Reception pupils are encouraged to engage actively in order to develop inquisitive minds, to explore their desire to discover and learn, and to begin their journey to become independent learners. We ensure that the skills essential for the core subjects have time to be embedded, and parental involvement is seen as key to a pupil’s success and happiness. In Reception, our team has a flexible approach to learning through topic-based learning. The girls have access to our specialist teachers, including music, drama, french and P.E.

To find out more about Reception or to arrange a school visit, please contact Mrs Sharkey, our Admissions Officer, or Mrs Makepeace-Taylor, Head of Lower School, on 0161 928 0678 or email

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