Year 2

Once the girls reach Year 2, they are role models for the younger girls in Pre-Prep. We encourage them to take more responsibility, both in daily life and in their learning. The experienced teaching team always ensure the girls are well supported as they aim high and reach their personalised goals. The strong and secure foundations laid in the previous years prepare the girls for the introduction of the increasingly academic curriculum in Year 3, while still nurturing and caring for each pupil. We develop both core skills and enquiring minds, and the girls are absorbed in honing their skills in different subjects. Mathematics, reading and writing remain at the centre of the curriculum, while we also cover exciting and engaging topics such as Ancient Egypt, The Stone Age and the Vikings.

In Year 2, the girls continue to be taught by specialist teachers in some subjects, such as, PE, French, drama and music. The partnership between parents and teachers is especially important at this time, with everyone working together to prepare them for their move up to Prep.

The team ensures that the Year 2 girls are fully prepared to enter into their Prep journey by organising Prep-trainee days, which provide the girls insights into Prep, meeting their teachers and experiencing moving from classroom to classroom all whilst encouraging greater independence. The parents are also invited into school for a transition day. They hear from the Headmistress and from other pupils who describe their transition into Prep. Parents are then brought into the Year 3 classes and are able to meet the Prep teachers and ask questions about the curriculum and daily life.

To find out more about Year 2 or to arrange a school visit, please contact Mrs Sharkey, our Admissions Officer, or Mrs Makepeace-Taylor, Head of Lower School, on 0161 928 0678 or email

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