Throughout Pre-Prep, the girls are supported by a team of dedicated professionals who understand that every girl is unique. Ensuring that the girls’ experiences are rich, varied and purposeful, contributes greatly to their academic progress and personal well-being. Whilst we are understandably proud of our impressive academic record, we know that long-term success is built on broader qualities and values. For a girl to do well at school, she needs to believe in herself and persevere, even in areas she finds more challenging. We therefore, take notice of her successes and let her know we are proud of who she is. We take learning beyond the four walls of their classroom to make full use of the exceptional facilities within the school.

We want to see our girls work to the best of their ability and to contribute meaningfully in lessons. Our young pupils in Pre-Prep discover the world, make wonderful friendships, develop skills and nurture a life-long enthusiasm for learning.

The Pre-Prep day runs from 8.40am-3.30pm. Information about our Out of School care and holiday club can be found here.

To find out more about Pre-Prep or to arrange a school visit, please contact Mrs Sharkey, our Admissions Officer, or Mrs Makepeace-Taylor, Head of Lower School, on 0161 928 0678 or email



“From an early age, pupils develop sophisticated study skills”

ISI report Nov 2022

Maths. I like learning numbers and hundreds, tens and units. I also love playing tick with my friends.

Year 2 Pupil

My favourite thing are my teachers because they help me to do my work. I like colouring with the crayons too.

Reception Pupil

I love adding things up and I like counting backwards. My teachers are kind too. Today Mrs Wilshaw pulled a funny face and did a funny dance to make us smile.

Reception Pupil
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