Pastoral Care

Our dedicated staff are passionate about providing a caring environment that nurtures the individuality of every child, and encourages each one to explore the spiritual and moral dimensions of life.

Every single girl is known at BPS. We value her unique character and individual needs and celebrate her achievements. Members of staff work hard to ensure that each pupil feels supported, and they forge strong links with parents and pupils to form partnerships that focus on the wellbeing of the child. We understand how important it is to have the right support during each stage of a child’s education and we aim to let every girl flourish and reach her full potential during their time with us.

Through termly pupil review meetings, our experienced team and parents are able to discuss not only their daughter’s academic progress but also her mental well-being. Our staff pride themselves on truly knowing your daughter and put well-being at the heart of our pastoral provision. At our core, we highly value creating a nurturing environment of trust and openness, where everyone feels secure and respected.

At BPS we follow the Girls on Board curriculum, which is an approach that empowers girls in school to navigate the choppy waters of friendships for themselves. This approach helps girls, their parents and teachers to understand the complexities and dynamics of girl friendships. The language, methods and ideas empower girls to solve their own friendship problems and recognises that they are usually the only ones who can. In a Girls on Board school, teachers discuss the many ways in which girls are the same and share the same fears, anxieties, joys and experiences of friendships – encouraging girls to see that they are all in this together.

 “Pupils’ social skills are highly developed and are a real strength of the school. Relationships between pupils across the school are outstanding. Pupils demonstrate a genuine sense of care for one another. They want to make a difference and make their community a happy place” – ISI report Nov 2022

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