Senior School Transition Part 3 – My Journey from Y2 to Y6

17th January 2020

Our previous articles have looked at how Bowdon Prep prepares our pupils for the future. But when Dania in Y6 gave the speech below to Y2 parents at a recent event, we felt it summed up ‘the BPS Journey’ more succinctly and personally than any policy can share! Many thanks, Dania!

(You can see her speech in 2 parts below – the first covers years 2 and 3 and the second years 4-6 – or read a transcript at the bottom of the page)



My Journey from Y2-Y6

“In Year 2 I was just starting to become more independent and confident and there were lots of opportunities and positives such as plays (I remember performing Rapunzel) which were lots of fun. However, I was still immature and had fall-outs with my best friends and I hadn’t yet developed resilience when facing challenges. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to be the bigger person in fall-outs and not to be too irritable.

“In Year 3 I felt more grown as now I was a junior.  I had different teachers for most subjects so I got used to different styles of teaching which made every day really interesting. I enjoyed having more homework because I would get really bored after school. I learned to face challenges such as times table tests and the time table planets chart. I really enjoyed the waxworks presentation and it taught be to research and speak confidently to an audience. I also loved dressing up.

“In Year 4 we were working win three smaller groups with pupils who learn in similar ways. There were lots of clubs – I attended LAMDA (public speaking and drama), Drama and Choir. We also took part in sports matches against other schools. Leading roles in the Year 3 and 4 production were occupied by year 4s. This was also the year in which we were given our pen licenses.

“In Year 5 we did more independent work and started to complete homework independently. The residential to Ironbridge was phenomenal and everyone had a great time. Yes, there was exam prep but I paced myself and and was given good advice about staying calm and confident throughout the exams which helped me to do my best.

“In Year 6 we were given our leadership roles and we have a programme of lessons on leadership and life skills, debates about current affairs and important issues which helps me to form my own opinions whilst also respecting those of others. The Altrincham Grammar School for Girls exam was fine – just like practice ones we’d done at school. Mrs Walsh and Mrs Gee came to chat and smile to us in the queue. I still have lots that I look forward to including the residential and end-of-year play.

“If I could time travel back to 2015 I would reassure myself that it was fun to be a junior – not scary at all and that all the members of staff and lovely and helpful and their lessons are always exciting. I would put my arms around my 6-year-old self and say travel on with confidence – it’s all going to be an exciting journey!”

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