The BFest Brings the BPS Community Together

14th June 2019


At the end of last half term, the amazing BFest took place. Girls from across the school showed off their musical and dancing talents across three vibrant stages. They were joined by the whole of Y3 who demonstrated their historical knowledge and acting ability with a wonderful Waxworks display.

All the participants showed one of the key attributes of BPS girls – the confidence to show off their skills. One parent told us ‘it was amazing seeing all the girls proudly performing with such confidence and passion…It really had such a community feel to it and I hope that there are many more ‘BFests’ in the future!’.

The musical part of the festival showcased 13 instrumental music groups, from the Infant ukulele players, to the full school orchestra. Soloists joined in on piano, guitars, string, woodwind and brass instruments and the Y6 dance group wowed the crowd with a military-themed dance that one parent could only describe as ‘fierce (in a good way)’.

Outside in the playground, pupils, parents, teachers and grandparents had the chance to see Y3 girls in costume as leading historical figures and learn new facts about individuals as diverse as Tutankhamun and Mother Theresa . The girls all knew their speeches by heart and were truly in character.

To help with the festival spirit, Mrs Abbey’s cream teas and ice creams from Dante Italian Kitchen in Hale went down a treat!

National Radio Waxwork Awareness

As if performing to the whole BPS community wasn’t enough, Polly in Y3 took awareness of the Waxworks much, much wider. Her dad texted national radio station Virgin Radio and suggested Polly for a feature in which children talk about something exciting they are going to be doing for the first time.

A researcher from the radio station called back and invited Polly to appear on Chris Evans’ breakfast show, not once but twice! The first time, Polly explained what she was going to do and how she had chosen to be US sharpshooter Annie Oakley. A few days later, she had the chance to talk again about the experience. She wasn’t phased by the experience of talking to many thousands of people – she said ‘it just sounded like a normal phone call’!

Polly chose Annie Oakley as her Waxwork because ‘she sounded cool and fun – but she was also a big supporter of women’s rights!’ However, she doesn’t want to grow up and become a sharpshooter – she wants to become a scientist and make a career in medical research!

Polly at school
Chris Evans on the radio


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