More Quarry Bank Mill

14th March 2018

The weather smiled on Year 6’s geography and history trip to Quarry Bank Mill, which was fortunate, as half the day was spent exploring river features and processes along the Bollin, while the other half was spent in the mill’s Apprentice House.  

Among other things, we used a combination of apples and dog biscuits to investigate relative speed of flow and its relationship to erosion and deposition; we observed natural and human features and explored the way they interact; we found and identified a range of water bugs; and we learnt more about hydroelectricity and nature conservation.  

In the Apprentice House, we discovered what the daily  life of a Victorian child mill worker would have involved.  The rather dubious medical ‘cures’ we learnt about were only a small part of the dangers faced by these ‘lucky’ children.  


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