Year 3 Assembly

5th October 2015

End of Term Assembly

After careful planning we were ready for our class assembly. The parents started to arrive. It got quite busy! We started the assembly by playing the glockenspiels. On the glockenspiels we played Indian Warrior and Elephants. We have really enjoyed learning to play the glockenspiels this year, they are a bit like pianos which you play with beaters. You could say like xylophones.

Straight after, we read out some examples of our English work. These were our best pieces of work and we were all very proud! We had been studying Charlotte’s Web, I had written about Wilbur the pig. It was a great morning!

Last week on Wednesday we performed our class assembly and put on a great show for our parents. We all selected a piece of work and read it out. We played the glockenspiels. 3B played Indian Warriors and 3H played Elephants. We also played a piece of music on the recorder and sang.
Maddy 3B


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