Theatre Company Visit

5th October 2015

Musical Theatre Company Visit

The girls welcomed a visit from a touring musical theatre company who thrilled them with a performance of The Sword and the Stone. The show required the participation of the whole audience as the chorus and ten of our girls had the opportunity to play small parts. With beautiful costumes, enchanting sets, magical puppets and wonderful music by Robert Hyman, this show was enjoyed by all.

The mystical story of ‘The Sword and the Stone’ follows the life of Arthur, a young squire destined to become King. Guided by Merlin he has many adventures culminating in him successfully pulling the sword from the stone and unwittingly fulfilling the legend’s prophecy.

I liked the Sword and the Stone because of all the songs we sang.  My favourite song was Learn the Lessons of Life.  We liked Arthur because he was brave and kind.  I also liked it when the Wizard shouted “If Arthur can’t do it”.  We had to shout back “no-one can”.
At the beginning there were two sides in a vote for who was to be king.  There was Hector and Percival and I voted for Hector.
Kitty Year 2

I really enjoyed The Sword and the Stone because it was funny and I liked Arthur when he pulled the sword out of the stone.
Rosie Year 1


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