4 young school girls

First News

6th May 2015

Our Year 6 librarians take a real pride in our school library, and ensure that it is well stocked with a vast range of stimulating and enriching reading materials for children of all ages. In addition to the vast selection of books, the girls can now stay up to date with current affairs and world news. Our Parents’ Society funds subscriptions to several valuable publications, of which one is ‘First News’. There are several copies of ‘First News’, both in the library and in Junior classrooms.

‘First News’ is a newspaper for young people and it is the widest read children’s publication in the country, with a weekly readership of 1,047,543 children aged  7–14 years. It is the perfect tool to spark early engagement of pupils in current affairs, making the news and issues of today accessible to younger readers. It provides up-to-date, insightful and dynamic articles on a range of subjects from entertainment to politics, and sports to science, as well as all the major news stories from the UK and around the world. 



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