Music Day

Collaboration and fundamental British values strike a chord at Bowdon Prep’s Music Mania Day!

19th June 2023

Music Day

Our British values encourage sharing and collaborating while celebrating our diversity and showcasing inclusion. With these values in mind, Bowdon Prep hosted their first Music Mania Day, inviting boys in Years 3-6 from Altrincham Preparatory School to join in on a fun day of partnership and cooperation, set to the beat of their own, hand-made drums. 

“We wanted everyone to come together and be inspired by music, to let all their senses go wild – exploring sound, feeling the rhythm and creating musical magic,” said Mrs. Gee. “We also wanted them to explore new relationships and to see firsthand the impact of collaboration.”  

During our enrichment day, the BPS girls came together with the APS boys and from the offset, it was clear that the desire to succeed in the achievement of a common goal was the driving force. The day started with a rousing performance by the Loreto Prep orchestra, highlighting their talents and dedication to the study of music.  For some additional inspiration for the day ahead, the children then heard from the APS band and the BPS samba band. They spent the morning working in Year groups, making their own instruments and composing their own music.  Many creative objects were brought from home to aid in their instrument making, such as watering cans, baby toys, spoons, pans and even a spray bottle.  Once the children composed their songs, they practiced together to prepare for their afternoon performance. 

They all worked really hard to incorporate each other’s ideas and the morning was a cacophony of sounds from their wacky instruments, clapping hands and crafty shakers and popsicle stick harmonicas.  

“It was fun to be creative with so many different instruments and work with people we don’t normally work with,” mentioned the Year 5 BPS girls. “Today we had a chance to do different things and performing on stage was really fun.” Another highlight that was mentioned was the “epic football match at lunch time.” All the BPS girls claimed victory although, when asked, the APS boys did not agree. 

After lunch the afternoon commenced with an introduction to a beat, as the next task was to create their own rap!  We heard creative rhyming throughout the school halls, and looked on as the children were working together in harmony.  We were impressed with how well they were including everyone, developing a sense of creative fun with each child adding value in their own unique way. 

As we brought this creative day to an end, the pupils performed their music for each other and then ended with their creative and fun rap.  Music Mania Day was deemed a success by all and even though they may have started the day noticing their differences and not knowing each other – by the end they were truly one, happy team having been brought together by the magic of music.  


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