4 young school girls

Excitement as Author Visits BPS

1st March 2023

Saving Neverland

The author, Abi Elphinstone, inspired our girls when she came to talk about her own journey from being an adventurer in the wilds of Scotland, her travels to Mongolia and Tanzania, to becoming a successful, published author. She explained that absolutely anything can inspire a story… just ask ‘what if’… and asked 10 girls to help her demonstrate this. Abi noted that the world is brimming with miracles and possibilities, if you dare to ‘look up and out’ and gave the following advice to the girls:

  • Get outside
  • Be curious
  • Don’t be scared to get things wrong

Abi read extracts from her novels and answered lots of questions, ‘seriously impressed’ by the girls’ ability to ask questions, vocabulary and general knowledge. Much to their delight, Abi  signed each book and chatted with the girls.



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