4 young school girls

Y5 visit Catalyst Museum

25th January 2023

catalyst class

Our Year 5 girls were asked by the Catalyst Crime Scene Investigation team to assist in helping solve the mystery of a random, vicious attack. The girls used scientific investigation techniques such as chromatography, soil sampling, blood analysis, fingerprinting and hair matching using microscopes, to determine who was on the scene and linked this to a probable cause of this crime. ​

The girls also enjoyed visiting the Planetarium to find out about SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Life forms). They learned that where there is water, there is usually life, even if it is in microscopic form. This raised the question of whether humans can exist on other planets or moons. Many of our Year 5 girls were inspired by what they had learnt during the day and expressed an interest in finding out more about STEM careers following this trip.

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