Bowdon Prep Netball

The John Muir Award

21st May 2021

Bowdon Prep Netball

We are excited to announce that our Year 6 girls will be working towards The John Muir Award during the summer term.  This is a nationally recognised, individual environmental award focused on wild places, both large and small. It supports young people to connect with, enjoy and care for nature, landscape and the natural environment.

There are four areas in which girls will complete challenges in order to achieve the first John Muir Award – Discover, Explore, Conserve and Share. 

Some of the challenges will be completed during our outdoor learning Go Explore sessions, some out of school with girls’ families and several during the Year 6 residential at Waddow Hall.  

During their Go Explore session this week, the girls were asked to map the BPS field and identify features which could be a ‘treasure’ or a ‘trouble’ for wildlife. After the fieldwork, the group presented their findings in the form of a news interview.

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