students holding baked muffins

Year 6 STEM in the fully kitted out BPS kitchen

5th October 2020

students holding baked muffins

One element of the STEM curriculum is cookery and we are fortunate at BPS to have a fully kitted out kitchen area. Not only does this give the girls the opportunity to work together in small groups but it is part of the BPS journey in preparing the girls for life at secondary school and beyond. All the girls in Prep will take part in cookery lessons at some stage throughout the year.

The girls in year 6 were given the recipe, along with all the ingredients to make Welsh Rarebit Muffins. In small groups, they followed the method, with very little intervention from Mrs McGrath!

They worked together, measured and stirred to produce delicious muffins which they took home to enjoy.

Not forgetting to wash up and sweep the floors afterwards!


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