Mr Popper's Penguins

Lower School visit the Waterside Theatre

11th December 2019

Mr Popper's Penguins

On Friday, the whole of the Lower School (Kindergarten to Year 2) enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Waterside Theatre in Sale, to see “Mr Popper’s Penguins”. The show was a delightful, action-packed musical adaptation of Richard and Florence Atwater’s popular book and involved some marvellous performing penguin puppets!

The girls and teachers were all inspired by the performance and enjoyed joining in, dancing and singing during the final song; it was such a magical morning.

Visitors at the theatre commented on how polite our BPS girls were as they skipped off in pairs to the coach, thanking the theatre staff for a lovely day!

Below are some quotes from the girls:

“My favourite bit was Captain Cook in the freezer” – Sophia

“I loved Mr Popper singing” – Alexa

“The penguin dance was funny” – Neave

“There were so many funny penguins, I loved the penguin called Isabella” – Amelia

“It was a very funny show, I couldn’t stop laughing when Mr Popper kept walking one way and the penguin went the other” – Chloe

“I thought the show was very funny because the circus scene had some fantastic tricks” – Charlotte

“I would give the show 10/10 because it was very funny with walking penguins in a town” – Georgina

“I loved the cannon scene where the penguin got shout out of it” – Poppy

“Mr Popper taught me that you can follow your dreams and they can come true” – Carla

“If you have a  pet you have to look after them properly and make sure they are happy” – Hana

“I learnt everyone needs a friend so they aren’t lonely like the penguins” – Diana

And finally, “I learnt that if I had a pet penguin I will have to keep him in the fridge” – anonymous!

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