APS and BPS pupils come together for Early Years maths – with brothers and sisters learning together!

29th November 2019

On the 19th November, we were excited to welcome over thirty Year 2 boys from Altrincham Preparatory School (APS), who visited BPS to work with our Kindergarten and Reception classes.

Our Kindergarten girls were supported by the boys in a range of outdoor activities, including a tin-can alley, hopscotch and using positional language on the apparatus. The girls and boys all enjoyed being measured against our bean stalk tape and discussed growth. Meanwhile, in Reception, the APS boys assisted our girls with board games, maths puzzles and dot-to-dot activities.

The girls said, ‘It was fun!… The boys were funny!… We showed them around our room… they helped us… My baby brother is going to APS when he’s a big boy…I loved seeing my brother!’

Due to the close links between the two schools, it was wonderful to welcome a number of brothers from APS, who enjoyed spending time with their sisters in a school environment. Even the boys’ friends were keen to play with the “little sisters” and it was great that we could enable such a supportive and caring environment, so that all could benefit with maths and social skills too.

The activity day also meant that BPS teachers were able to share good practice with APS; it is always fabulous to discuss and develop new ideas with colleagues and to learn from each other in a collaborative way.

There are already plans in place to strengthen the inter-school links further; for example, we are hoping to arrange for our girls to visit APS in the spring term and to support the EYFS boys with their maths activities. The maths venture also complements the existing English links between the two schools, that involve joint activities on World Book Day, as well as a range of links across the curriculum.

Creating strong links between the two schools is beneficial for all, so please get in touch if you have a great idea about how we can improve relationships between BPS and APS further!

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