Vive La France

4th March 2019

The school was a sea of red, white and blue, with many berets (and even the odd string of garlic) as we celebrated French Day on Friday 1st March. The aim of the day was to introduce all girls to the language, culture and history of France – and it certainly succeeded!

Our younger pupils worked on a range of activities across art, languages, geography and history – you can see some below working on their versions of the most famous painting in France – the ‘Mona Lisa’.

Older girls worked in House teams across year groups on activities including history, mathematics, design and technology and geography. The team below is recreating the Montgolfier Brothers’ balloon using geometric shapes, while others were challenged to build a model of the Eiffel Tower in only 30 minutes!

In the afternoon, Years 2-6 came together to watch a French play, “Ticket pour l’espace”, performed by Onatti Productions. What would you do if you won a ticket to space – but it was a French spaceship and you had to translate all the instructions? It was great that the actors had so much help from our girls!

After all that?  We still had time to enjoy our pain au chocolat before saying au revoir!




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