On Tuesday 8 March the BPS Yr 6 A and B teams played in the last Timperley Lacrosse Tournament of the season - which was an ‘All Girls’ tournament.


The B team which consisted of all Year 5 Girls had an extremely successful afternoon:

Zara (11 goals scored), Bella (5 goals), Beatrice (8 goals), Karina, Bette and Bella


The results are as follows;

Bowdon Church A: won 3-2

Hale Prep A: Lost 0-2

Withington A: Won 7-2

Stamford Park A: Won 9-0

The girls finished SECOND in their section!!


The A team won all 6 matches in their section, only conceding 1 goal:

Jessica (18 goals scored!), Rosa (5 goals), Elsa (2 goals), Daisy (1 goal) and Natalya

The results are as follows;

Withington B: won 2-0

Bollin: won 2-1

Navigation: won 5-0

Forest: won 3-0

Well Green: won 7-0

St Vincent’s: won 6-0

They qualified for the final and lost 4-1, and finished runners up out of 13 schools! Both teams looked fantastic in their smart new BPS lacrosse kit! Mrs Baxter and Mrs Hughes would like to congratulate all the girls on the most successful lacrosse season to date! (The A team reached the semi finals in the last Mixed - boys and Girls Timperley Tournament!)