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Covid-19 School Provision

Provision During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Once again, our classrooms are full of happy learners as we continue to support the Government’s plans for the phased return to schools. We are delighted that our Kindergarten, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are back in the classrooms.

We have also welcomed our Year 5 pupils back to school in order that they can access the learning experiences they require to be fully prepared for the forthcoming entrance examinations.

We are committed to supporting our Key Worker families. Pupils in school are being provided with a broad educational package, ensuring coverage across the full curriculum.

Our key priorities are:

  • Health, safety and wellbeing of pupils, families and staff
  • Daily provision of high quality, structured learning materials for our pupils (at home or in school) spanning all areas of the curriculum
  • Learning, pastoral and safeguarding support for pupils and their families

At this time communication is vital. Phase Leaders keep in regular contact with both pupils and parents, in addition to regular updates from the Headmistress. We endeavour to keep in contact with all our pupils e.g. through the 1:1 reading sessions, selection of live lessons and a selection of optional extra-curricular activities and clubs. Pupils have access to the support they need and can contact any member of the teaching team – we have all been very impressed by the level of responsibility they are taking for their learning and levels of independence the girls have shown in messaging their teachers directly.

For those girls still studying hard at home, in the Lower School, a full package of work reaches home each Thursday, ready for the week ahead. In Prep, pupils access a full learning programme, accessible on their weekly personalised timetables via their Learning Portal.

Distance learning presents us all with formidable challenges. We are all learning how to do things differently for a while. Remote learning can be a great way to continue learning outside the classroom, particularly in difficult circumstances but no one expects parents to be full-time teachers or to be educational and subject experts. We have put together a series of short videos you may find useful in supporting the growth, development and learning of each BPS girl.

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