Catalyst Museum Trip

16th May 2018

The Year 4 girls recently had the pleasure of a trip to the Catalyst Museum in Widnes and were treated to a stimulating, interactive and thoroughly enjoyable day out.

In the lab the girls used a range of fun, practical activities to explore different theories about matter and space, which in-turn helped them to scientifically explain how some everyday phenomena actually happens.

In the circuits workshop, the girls were able to use their problem solving skills to create functional switches out of a variety of materials.

In and around each workshop, the pupils also had a great time exploring the chemistry-based hands-on activities and learning about the history of the area, before letting off some steam and energy on the playground ready for the return journey. Overall the trip was a great success. The planned activities really consolidated and extended the girls’ prior learning and knowledge of these topics, which they had studied in the science labs at BPS.


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