Parents' Society

Bowdon Prep Parents’ Society is an important part of the life of the school. The society organises events in the broader life of the school; these events encompass social events and fundraising activities.

Typical events include coffee mornings and afternoons, quiz nights, the Christmas fair, the summer BBQ and school discos.

Membership of the Parents’ Society is open to all parents of pupils. All that is needed is commitment, some spare time and a sense of fun. Please contact us if you can contribute your time in any way.

Class Representatives

Parent class reps are the first link in the chain to encourage parents into making a positive contribution to life at the school.

There are usually two Class Representatives per year group who provide the vital link between the class, the school and the Parents’ Society. The support from this team of volunteers is particularly important when it comes to organising our main events. Parent class reps are an important link for information and representation purposes, as well as contact points for parents. By working together, parent class reps can create a solid basis for life in the class. They produce a contact list of parents/children in the class which can prove invaluable for parties and play dates. The school is not at present allowed to provide parents’ contact information. The organisation of get-togethers with the families of the class, means that parents get to know one another.

Wherever possible, parent class reps attend Parents’ Society meetings and may forward e-mails received from the Parents’ Society and the school when necessary.  They help to rota volunteer parents to staff the stalls and organise cake sales and social events for other parents in their class, such as coffee mornings. It doesn’t take very much time, is a really important role and lots of fun so please do think about volunteering next September.

Class reps play an important role in matters relating to school life and school development. An informal meeting is held each half term with the Headmistress or Senior Leadership Team to discuss matters relating to school policy, structures and operations. This is a highly valuable opportunity for the school to address parents’ questions on everyday matters and the school’s educational projects, and enables the school to consider the views of parents in a variety of matters such as teaching, contents of the syllabus, school trips, health and safety, school events, etc. The class reps contact the parents in advance of this meeting.  A summary of the discussion points is produced and relevant points are disseminated by the parent class reps via email.

To avoid misunderstanding, it is important that parents understand that it is not the role of the parent class rep to address more sensitive or personal matters. In this situation, parents are advised to speak directly to the teacher of the class/subject.